Let the new year begin

As an educator I have two weeks off for the holidays. The first week was full of celebration family and friends. This second week is suppose to be a week of crafting, starting to exercise again, walking the dog.... Really just doing whatever the hell I want.

This morning I woke up with a cold, a crappy cold. Tried scrap booking but couldn't focus... Now I am lying on the couch with Tylenol cold in me, Kleenex shoved up my nose and am watching corner gas. For you Americans it is a hilarious Canadian show about a small town in Saskatchewan.

In unrelated sick news, we have just found out my sister in law is pregnant again. Her and her husband already have on beautiful daughter. I am so happy for them they are wonderful parents and another baby in the family is a blessing.

As you all can guess this was not easy news the hear, no matter how happy I am it is tough. Tough to know it is someone else's turn, not mine.

All in good time