How time flies

Well I am nearing the end of my cycle...it is funny for as long as I can remeber I have known what cycle day I was on...today however I realized I had no idea. I had to check my day planner. I have figured out I am on day 25, one or two days before my period usually begins. With not doing any type of fertility treatment I am not over thinking how I am feeling....are my breasts sore, am I nauseaus..why am I so tired...all that stuff. I am just me. Me with a bit of a sinus cold who is looking forward to her Easter break.
Now I must be honest, I have lost no weight this month..none. crap. I have been doing more yoga and getting outside more, walking and biking. But obviously my body needs the real deal, in the gym OFTEN and sweating it out. So I will begin again this week. Hubby will be happy to have his gym buddy back. So I need to balance yoga, outside time and the gym. That is my goal. My eating is actually not that bad...I know that because I have not gained weight and we really don't eat out a lot at all. So one more cycle off, see what I can accomplish, let this spring weather fill me up with good vibes emotionally and physically and move ahead.


Almost over

The break is almost over, I have been very busy enjoying time with friends and family. The break has gone very fast which is kind of nice. Today and Sunday are going to be time to rest which is great and what I need.
Went to the bank today to get things sorted, we are feeling pretty good about where we are going financially. We will be paying debt aggressivly but also have daily money and money to set aside into savings. I tell you there is nothing better than knowing you are in better situation with your money than you were a few weeks ago.
I am heading towards the time that would usually be the dreaded two week wait, this time there is no fear or anticipation. It is great actually to not be thinking about it. I am going to take the next cycle off as well we both think it is best and my family is very supportive. So it will be awhile until I have to experience that feeling of fear. For everyone going through the two week wait and treatments right now. Hold on and keep your fingers crossed. It will happen.


As the beat goes on.....

I am sitting here in my house on the day of our one year evaluation, I can't believe it has been a year since we moved into this home. This is our second home we have owned and it is a 'real adult' house, as I call it, becuase it is detached...yup no wall neighbours for us. Virgil our warrenty person seems to be doing a very good job of fixing things up and is very nice. The only problem is that it is beautiful outside and I have to be inside.
I am doing well. Desperatly trying to get myself in a mind set where I can stay active and healthy. 10 pounds, right now I would be happy to lose 10 pounds. I could lose more but 10 is good. I am doing yoga daily, minimal yoga but my body is happy, it loves yoga. Today has actually given me some time to do some research. For a very long time I have wanted to be a yoga teacher...I love it, it calms and energizes me all at the same time. I tried the Sheridan College yoga program but it was a lot of evening committment that on top of a job it was very hard to balance. The Burlington Yoga centre offers training on weekends only, it is an Iyngar based approach. I will do this. I will take this course and be a yoga teacher. I am going to start back at my local yoga studio in April and will do extra classes and courses at the Burlington yoga centre as well. This will give me a variety of teaching styles and allow me to get to know the people at the centre before I enroll in their program. I am very excited about the prospect of this.
Hmmmm it seems to be Virgil is almost done! That means I can get outside.
Later skater.


When life gets in the way

I have been doing some thinking...actually a lot of thinking. I have just recently shared my thoughts with hubby and now it is time to share them here.
We are taking a break, yup not just a single cycle break but a period of time break. The reasons for this are multiple. Actually there are two.
1. My weight, I think it will be very helpful to get my weight down for baby making and for my health and mental health.
2. Money, yup the big M word. All of you who undergo fertility treatment understand the stress that money plays in infertility. We are trying to get things in order and part of that is paying down debt. I would like to be able to bring my baby into a family where money is NOT a stress. Plus trying to pay down debt and doing fertility treatments at the same time are not very compatible. SO....that is where we are.
I feel pretty good about this choice, we will continue to try naturally. Good news on that front is that I am ovulating and Hubby is good so there is no 'real' reason it couldn't happen. I will do accupuncture to help me out, which is much cheaper. Yoga for relaxation and keep my fingers crossed. All the while we will be paying off our debt aggressivly as possible.
So there we go. The blog will continue, maybe not all about fertility but this is certainly a part of my adventure so it will still be a part of me.
March break is here so YAY!!!! I am looking forward to it!!!!!



Finding my way

I am finding my way through this cycle...this non-trying cycle.
It is actually better than I thought...I am trying to get exercise everyday, move everyday...do yoga and meditation everyday.
I am wanting to lose some weight, I think it will help my chances. I want to lose as much as I can in a healthy way this cycle and see where I get. The weather is beautiful and it makes it easier to get outside, that is a good thing.
off for now.


looking to the future

I am having a better day...not great to be honest but better. I am looking forward to this cycle now, I am planning on using it as time to get a little healthier. I have let things slide, not getting to the gym as much as I would like, the yoga has slipped to. So I would like to get back into a routine. I think it is a good time...March break will also be this cycle so I will be off work for a week. Hubby will be at work so it will be me and my cat. I am hoping it will be sunny so I am able to be  walking outside and cycling in the nice weather.
That is about all now for now....more to come.
Thanks for all the support everyone...it means a lot. Helps me get through the bad days.


3rd time is not a charm

Well spotting started last night along with bad cramps...this moring came the real deal with more cramps.
It sucks and I am sad.
I am going to take a break, one cycle off to just be me, not infertile me.


Not long now...

Day 25...still unsure, still waiting...sleepy, crampy, hormonal. yes all those fun things. I am still wondering and hoping. At this time in the cycle I get to the point where I just want to know either way, good new or bad I hate waiting. HATE WAITING!!! to be clear.
I got my new Lululemon shorts today they make me happy and I love them. I am wearing them now and love them! They actually sit on my legs in the right spot..they are suppose to be shorter but because I am shorter they fit a little longer, it is nice.
well nothing else to say...thought I had more.
later skater


Good and Bad

Good - It is Hubbys birthday today!!! He is a wonderful man and I love being able to spoil him on his birthday that is a good thing for sure.

Bad - I feel crummy..tired, upset tummy and yucky feeling. Of course once I start to experience this stuff plus the sore boobies and light cramping it makes me wonder....yes it does.....I try and push the wondering aside because I don't think it is healthy to obess over what could be or not be. I believe that it is possible that I am pregnant. I beleive that time will tell, not worrying.

Off to celebrate Hubbys birthday!