looking to the future

I am having a better day...not great to be honest but better. I am looking forward to this cycle now, I am planning on using it as time to get a little healthier. I have let things slide, not getting to the gym as much as I would like, the yoga has slipped to. So I would like to get back into a routine. I think it is a good time...March break will also be this cycle so I will be off work for a week. Hubby will be at work so it will be me and my cat. I am hoping it will be sunny so I am able to be  walking outside and cycling in the nice weather.
That is about all now for now....more to come.
Thanks for all the support everyone...it means a lot. Helps me get through the bad days.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I'm sorry that it didn't work this cycle but I'm glad you're having a better day today.
    Not much I say would make it feel better so just let me say this.
    Take care of yourself and of John and do what you do to enjoy life. Good idea to take a bit of time and just have some fun this month.
    Be well

  2. Hey Lisa, so sorry that this cycle was a bust. It sucks. March Break is THE BEST! I'll be enjoying time walking with my pup as I'm sure you'll be bonding with the kittie! Enjoy the fun stuff about a break from TTC, have some wine, kick the work outs up a notch, whatever makes you feel good!


Love to hear from you!