How time flies

Well I am nearing the end of my cycle...it is funny for as long as I can remeber I have known what cycle day I was on...today however I realized I had no idea. I had to check my day planner. I have figured out I am on day 25, one or two days before my period usually begins. With not doing any type of fertility treatment I am not over thinking how I am feeling....are my breasts sore, am I nauseaus..why am I so tired...all that stuff. I am just me. Me with a bit of a sinus cold who is looking forward to her Easter break.
Now I must be honest, I have lost no weight this month..none. crap. I have been doing more yoga and getting outside more, walking and biking. But obviously my body needs the real deal, in the gym OFTEN and sweating it out. So I will begin again this week. Hubby will be happy to have his gym buddy back. So I need to balance yoga, outside time and the gym. That is my goal. My eating is actually not that bad...I know that because I have not gained weight and we really don't eat out a lot at all. So one more cycle off, see what I can accomplish, let this spring weather fill me up with good vibes emotionally and physically and move ahead.


  1. glad you getting good spring vibes and still enjoying your time off! :)

  2. After reading your blog, I clicked on 'Interesting' because I share your thoughts. I am taking a month off of fertility treatments and charting temperatures. My focus for the past year has been to get off some weight I have put on. I blame it on fertility drugs and the stress of TTC. Really, I just feel like I am stuck in a rut -I try and work out with the hubby as much as I can.

    Here's to spring and hope that we both find a sense of renewal.


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