Almost over

The break is almost over, I have been very busy enjoying time with friends and family. The break has gone very fast which is kind of nice. Today and Sunday are going to be time to rest which is great and what I need.
Went to the bank today to get things sorted, we are feeling pretty good about where we are going financially. We will be paying debt aggressivly but also have daily money and money to set aside into savings. I tell you there is nothing better than knowing you are in better situation with your money than you were a few weeks ago.
I am heading towards the time that would usually be the dreaded two week wait, this time there is no fear or anticipation. It is great actually to not be thinking about it. I am going to take the next cycle off as well we both think it is best and my family is very supportive. So it will be awhile until I have to experience that feeling of fear. For everyone going through the two week wait and treatments right now. Hold on and keep your fingers crossed. It will happen.


  1. Hope you had a restful weekend!

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying the break! It does feel good not to live life in 2 week increments doesn't it?


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