days away..

Well it has been a bit since my last post. Life is going along well. I am contiuing weight watchers and have now lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks. I feel great! I still have a way to go but I feel it is possible. This week I am going to be very strict on my points. I am going to try and avoid using any flex or earned exercise points as much as possible. I think it is important to give your body a variety of things so I am trying to add lots of fruit and what not this week as well. Of course exercises too. I did my yoga class tonight and cannot tell you how much I am in love with it. The positive vibe I get from it is worth its weight in gold. It is really funny... because I don't eat red meat, do yoga and seem happy all the time my students (highschool) swear I must smoke week. I DONT!!! I just am happy all the time and yoga is my natural buzz. so funny.
As for the fertility adventure well....The appt. with my doctor went well. He is bumping up my clomid to 100mg..we will see and hope that this combined with IUI will make a difference. Day one is fast approaching and I look forward to this upcoming cycle. The nice part of this cycle is that my Mommy is no longer in Florida and can be with me through the ride. Love you MOM!!!!!


keep on going

Second week of weight watchers I am now down four pounds. YAY me!!!! I am going to try and stay really on track this week because the following week will probably be the week prior to my period and I want to make sure I can eat a few snacks to help resolve cravings. I don't see any physical change but I feel much more in control and healthlier, yesterday I ran for half and hour..have not done that in a while so I feel good.
Tommorow I see the sepcialist my mommy is coming with me..she has never been to our fertility clinic. It will be nice for her to see where I spend so much of my time. I will wait to see what her says.


getting back in the groove

Well I have been a bad blogger...I have been reading but not writing. But I am missing the writing and so I am back on track.
I am in my second cycle of no fertility treatments and am feeling great, my stress level has gone WAY down, so that is good. I am on Weight Watchers and lost 3 pounds my first week and am hoping for two this coming week. I feel very empowered when I am on weight watchers, I am being accountable to me. I do the on line program and love it, very user friendly. I am combining this with going to the gym and am feeling healthier already and it is not even a full two weeks yet.
I am concerned about starting fertility treatment and W.W I plan to continue to follow the plan even with the ups and down treatment brings. I hope the yoga will help keep my stress level down so it wont be horrible. It will take a bit of courage and luck.
I have an appt. with my speicalist next Tuesday just to discuss how my first IUI went and what to expect for the second one...if any increase in meds is needed. I am looking forward to starting treatment again, I feel very positive.
There are babies every where in my life. My niece, my cousins little girl, my other cousin is due VERY soon with her little girl and a friend from work is four months. At other times in my life this would be hard...right now...not so bad. I feel good that I am in a happy place.



Hello all

Well I am offically on my second cycle of  no fertility treatment. Feeling positive about it.

I am setting goals for myself, I really work better if I know I am accountable. Signed up for Weight Watchers online..this will help me in my day to day battle with food. I have never been good at counting calories and figure this is a great way to give myself the boost I need in terms of food responsibility to self. It is great because I can access it from any computer and hubbys blackberry so I wont be lost. Today is my offical start day and I have 23 points to work with a day, not bad.
I am also signing up for the Healing cycle. A charitable ride that raises money for our local hospital. The same hospital my sister in law works at, that my mother in law was on the board for, where my cousin is soon to have her baby AND where I will have my baby. So it is a good cause. I am doing the 25 km ride. I did the 10 km last year and am preparing for the longer ride. I have to get in some good hours on the bike before June.
Yoga starts in two weeks so that will be a regular thing for me, that always makes me happy :D
Off to enjoy this extra day off I have, hubby had to work...sad for him.
love to all\