keep on going

Second week of weight watchers I am now down four pounds. YAY me!!!! I am going to try and stay really on track this week because the following week will probably be the week prior to my period and I want to make sure I can eat a few snacks to help resolve cravings. I don't see any physical change but I feel much more in control and healthlier, yesterday I ran for half and hour..have not done that in a while so I feel good.
Tommorow I see the sepcialist my mommy is coming with me..she has never been to our fertility clinic. It will be nice for her to see where I spend so much of my time. I will wait to see what her says.


  1. 4 pounds is terrific! Losing weight is tough - I've always said that it's easy to put on, but hard to take off! I'm envious that you share that much closeness with your mom to bring her to your fertility clinic - I could NEVER do that...Long story as my mother does not know anything as we have decided to keep that private. Good luck with the specialist tomorrow.

  2. good job Lisa! Keep going and have a good meeting tomorrow

  3. Yay for losing 4 pounds! Keep it up, and I hope that your meeting tomorrow is great!


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