Hello all

Well I am offically on my second cycle of  no fertility treatment. Feeling positive about it.

I am setting goals for myself, I really work better if I know I am accountable. Signed up for Weight Watchers online..this will help me in my day to day battle with food. I have never been good at counting calories and figure this is a great way to give myself the boost I need in terms of food responsibility to self. It is great because I can access it from any computer and hubbys blackberry so I wont be lost. Today is my offical start day and I have 23 points to work with a day, not bad.
I am also signing up for the Healing cycle. A charitable ride that raises money for our local hospital. The same hospital my sister in law works at, that my mother in law was on the board for, where my cousin is soon to have her baby AND where I will have my baby. So it is a good cause. I am doing the 25 km ride. I did the 10 km last year and am preparing for the longer ride. I have to get in some good hours on the bike before June.
Yoga starts in two weeks so that will be a regular thing for me, that always makes me happy :D
Off to enjoy this extra day off I have, hubby had to work...sad for him.
love to all\

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