getting back in the groove

Well I have been a bad blogger...I have been reading but not writing. But I am missing the writing and so I am back on track.
I am in my second cycle of no fertility treatments and am feeling great, my stress level has gone WAY down, so that is good. I am on Weight Watchers and lost 3 pounds my first week and am hoping for two this coming week. I feel very empowered when I am on weight watchers, I am being accountable to me. I do the on line program and love it, very user friendly. I am combining this with going to the gym and am feeling healthier already and it is not even a full two weeks yet.
I am concerned about starting fertility treatment and W.W I plan to continue to follow the plan even with the ups and down treatment brings. I hope the yoga will help keep my stress level down so it wont be horrible. It will take a bit of courage and luck.
I have an appt. with my speicalist next Tuesday just to discuss how my first IUI went and what to expect for the second one...if any increase in meds is needed. I am looking forward to starting treatment again, I feel very positive.
There are babies every where in my life. My niece, my cousins little girl, my other cousin is due VERY soon with her little girl and a friend from work is four months. At other times in my life this would be hard...right now...not so bad. I feel good that I am in a happy place.


  1. congrats on the weight watchers success and good luck at your appt next week!

  2. I too just [re] joined WW and am also going into our 2nd IUI! :) Actually, it should be this Friday or Saturday (depending on follies at my U/S tomorrow). So, we are kind of on the same path . . .glad I found your blog - new follower :)


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