Today I have cramps, exhaustion and a pep in my step because my period has finally arrived!

This means Friday I will go in for my day zero ultrasound and blood work appt. and start what I call stage two of IVF. This means I continue suprefact and will also start taking pruegon. Two shots a day, what a lucky lady.

With everything being pushed ahead I have now realized that I will be doing my shots at school. I do them between 8:00am and 9:00am....school starts at 8:00am. We have a single private bathroom for teachers in the school so I can just use that. I am not worried about this....the teacher I work with is really easy going and won't ask to many questions, plus his wife is a doctor who specializes in infertility. The students will be oblivious, really at 8:00am in the morning what teenager isn't.

In other life news things are good. One week until I am back to work and I plan on enjoying my days off. Spend some quality time with friends, sister, brother- in -law, mom, dad and hubby :)


Here is a recent pic of my little Paddy. Love him so much.



Today I am sad. Just sad. It sucks.

I still don't have my period and it feels like my body is playing a really bad joke on me. Also my eyebrows which have always been dark brown are turning a blond, ginger colour. Weird, is it the meds...I don`t know....

I have just heard Beyonce is expecting.....I am happy for her but today was not the day I wanted to hear that a beautiful, rich, talented celebrity was expecting. Nonetheless I wish her the best.

tomorrow will be better day,



Day 30

Frustration is setting in. Today was suppose to be my day zero. First day of ultrasound and blood work regimen and beginning of Pruegon.

For all of this to happen I need my period to have started.... However my body that usually runs like clock work is not. I still have yet to get my period although I have cramps, sore chest, exhaustion and mood swings. Lucky me.

I understand my body functions are not something I can control but I like order and schedules so now that my schedule is screwed up I am pissed. The one good thing that comes with this delay is that I will not be doing my retrieval on the first day of school. I will be able to be there to welcome back all of the teenagers and hear about their summers :)

I continue to do well with my suprefact shots, I am actually a rock star at it.

In other life news I have just had my 34 birthday. I spent my birthday weekend up north at my parents cottage with my family. I had a great weekend surrounded by love. There really is nothing better.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from my birthday weekend. Staring brother-in-law, sister, hubby, Paddy the dog and myself.



Day 24

Things are moving along tickity-boo, no real complaints regarding the medication. I am pretty good at jabbing myself with a needle. Side effects of the meds seem to be getting tired really randomly and sometimes feeling nauseous, and crazy sensitive skin bruising really easily.

I am a bit worried about my upcoming period as I usually get really bad cramps and take Anaprox for them...I don't know if I can take that with this cycle...so I am going to head out to my fertility clinic later on to ask. I am lucky as it is only 15 minutes away.

I have to say there is nothing better than some sister time. A few days ago my sister and I went shopping and had a hilarious good time. Really nothing better than trying on crazy clothes and having a good laugh. Love my sister to bits and am so grateful that we can spend time together. Love you Rin.


-Shopping pics-


Day 21

So it Begins.....

Today is the first day of medication. Superfact is the name of the game!!! The first needle went well, husband was there to lend moral support even though needles are one of his least favourite things.

We have completed all of our mandatory meetings with IVF nurse and Social Worker who told us that she thought we were very settled and well prepared to start this journey.

I am ready for this! I am positive and looking forward to the outcome of this process!!!

In other news I have been diagnoised with Restless leg syndrome. OMG brutal. Am not sleeping well at night....so, if anyone out there has any ideas or stratagies to help send them my way!!!!

Here are some photos-enjoy-xxoo

-Feeling good after our meeting with the Social Worker- A Starbucks reward for getting closer to the start!-

-John ready to go-he is holding the needle, meds and sharps box-yes we are now proud owners of a sharp box!-

-Ok, I look a bit crazy and tired, to be fair I had only been up about 3 minutes-

-Drawing out the superfact with the needle- Do you love my Mini-mouse nightie!!-

-SUCCESS!!! we did it, one down and many more to go!-


Day 11

Well yesterday sucked. I mean really sucked.

Kathy's funeral was overflowing with people, in fact it was standing room only. Of course I expected this, she was a remarkable person and deserved to have such a large amount of people come to honour her. Due to the amount of people in the room the emotion over powering. It was impossible to not feel the pain and loss each and everyone of us were experiencing. It was heartbreaking to watch and listen as students said good bye to someone they cared so deeply for. Her daughters spoke with grace and maturity and when they walked by me as pallbearers for their mothers casket it did me in. This loss has left me numb, I know it will ease but for now a real smile is hard to come by.

I had to leave the funeral immediately for my Salin-Sono and pap. Joy (sarcasm), I have had this test done before but because I am proceeding with IVF I had to do it again to ensure everything was clear. So I lay their in my funeral blouse and had my body poked and prodded. Everything is fine. I can go forward with IVF. I am happy about this, I really am. I just can't smile yet.

-Hating the Sono-


Day 8

Day 8 already, time is moving quickly...Day 21 and the start of meds will be coming soon!!!

 Day 3 went well. Ultrasound looked good and blood work got done. Hubby survived the horror of the blood work he even was able to stay seated and didn't have to lie down. Here are a few photos of our day at the clinic. Hubby showing off his boo boo and me with my Gatorade so I was ready for my full bladder ultrasound and ready to give 15 vials of blood. YUCK.

Friday is my salin-sonogram and it falls on a terrible day. A close friend of mine passed away on Monday, it was very sudden and unexpected and her funeral is also on Friday. The staff at my clinic have been wonderful and have been desperately trying to get me another appt. but have not been successful. So I will have to basically rush out of the funeral to the salin-sono appt. Not ideal...

My friend Kathy was an incredible woman, she was the social worker at my school and was an amazing mentor to me and a support to so many students. The visitation and funeral will be incredibly hard for me  personally and to so many students who will be attending. I will be going with a few former students who were close to her, hoping to lend them some support.

good night my dear Kathy