Today I have cramps, exhaustion and a pep in my step because my period has finally arrived!

This means Friday I will go in for my day zero ultrasound and blood work appt. and start what I call stage two of IVF. This means I continue suprefact and will also start taking pruegon. Two shots a day, what a lucky lady.

With everything being pushed ahead I have now realized that I will be doing my shots at school. I do them between 8:00am and 9:00am....school starts at 8:00am. We have a single private bathroom for teachers in the school so I can just use that. I am not worried about this....the teacher I work with is really easy going and won't ask to many questions, plus his wife is a doctor who specializes in infertility. The students will be oblivious, really at 8:00am in the morning what teenager isn't.

In other life news things are good. One week until I am back to work and I plan on enjoying my days off. Spend some quality time with friends, sister, brother- in -law, mom, dad and hubby :)


Here is a recent pic of my little Paddy. Love him so much.


  1. Yay for AF! Hope doing the shots at work goes well for you. I also start teaching in a week. Good luck! :)

  2. The only time in our IF life when we cheer for AF! Woohoo!!! Now you can really get the show on the road! Paddy is so very cute - I just want to cuddle with him!

  3. Isn't it fun to try and plan IF stuff around school :P Good luck!!

  4. Hey! Just stumbled onto your blog from another one, and I noticed you about to start IVF#1. I am too (although a few weeks behind you..just started suprefact today) so I look forward to following your journey. Congrats on finally getting started..very exciting!


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