Day 30

Frustration is setting in. Today was suppose to be my day zero. First day of ultrasound and blood work regimen and beginning of Pruegon.

For all of this to happen I need my period to have started.... However my body that usually runs like clock work is not. I still have yet to get my period although I have cramps, sore chest, exhaustion and mood swings. Lucky me.

I understand my body functions are not something I can control but I like order and schedules so now that my schedule is screwed up I am pissed. The one good thing that comes with this delay is that I will not be doing my retrieval on the first day of school. I will be able to be there to welcome back all of the teenagers and hear about their summers :)

I continue to do well with my suprefact shots, I am actually a rock star at it.

In other life news I have just had my 34 birthday. I spent my birthday weekend up north at my parents cottage with my family. I had a great weekend surrounded by love. There really is nothing better.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from my birthday weekend. Staring brother-in-law, sister, hubby, Paddy the dog and myself.



  1. Oh I hate it when our bodies don't cooperate with schedules! C'mon, AF, show!!! Love the pics - looks like a fabulous weekend. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday to you! The 26th is my ma's birthday, too. And I turned 34 just last month. (It's been a lucky age for me so far-hope the same for you).

    I understand how frustrated you are about AF. My ivf cycle was delayed because AF didn't come on time and I had to take Prometrium to induce it. It's funny because my AF never arrives late, and the only time I wanted her to arrive, she didn't. The irony! In any case, you'll be on your way sooner than you think. Wishing you all the luck in the world, and hoping that your AF arrives soon.


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