Day 21

So it Begins.....

Today is the first day of medication. Superfact is the name of the game!!! The first needle went well, husband was there to lend moral support even though needles are one of his least favourite things.

We have completed all of our mandatory meetings with IVF nurse and Social Worker who told us that she thought we were very settled and well prepared to start this journey.

I am ready for this! I am positive and looking forward to the outcome of this process!!!

In other news I have been diagnoised with Restless leg syndrome. OMG brutal. Am not sleeping well at night....so, if anyone out there has any ideas or stratagies to help send them my way!!!!

Here are some photos-enjoy-xxoo

-Feeling good after our meeting with the Social Worker- A Starbucks reward for getting closer to the start!-

-John ready to go-he is holding the needle, meds and sharps box-yes we are now proud owners of a sharp box!-

-Ok, I look a bit crazy and tired, to be fair I had only been up about 3 minutes-

-Drawing out the superfact with the needle- Do you love my Mini-mouse nightie!!-

-SUCCESS!!! we did it, one down and many more to go!-


  1. You guys are adorable. I can't wait to follow along with you as you kick IVF's butt! : D

  2. Hooray for starting! I'm glad your first shot went well. Good luck!

  3. You seem in such a better place since you took you break from "trying"! Love your attitude and cute pics! I have good feelings for you guys!

  4. How sweet. It's nice to see people trying to have fun with something as daunting as ivf. Good stuff!


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