Day 24

Things are moving along tickity-boo, no real complaints regarding the medication. I am pretty good at jabbing myself with a needle. Side effects of the meds seem to be getting tired really randomly and sometimes feeling nauseous, and crazy sensitive skin bruising really easily.

I am a bit worried about my upcoming period as I usually get really bad cramps and take Anaprox for them...I don't know if I can take that with this cycle...so I am going to head out to my fertility clinic later on to ask. I am lucky as it is only 15 minutes away.

I have to say there is nothing better than some sister time. A few days ago my sister and I went shopping and had a hilarious good time. Really nothing better than trying on crazy clothes and having a good laugh. Love my sister to bits and am so grateful that we can spend time together. Love you Rin.


-Shopping pics-


  1. You cannot take anaprox (naproxen) with IVF, it is said to interfere with implantation. That being said, before my first cycle I did not know this rule and I took ibuprofen (same class of meds) and still got pregnant. But I would not do it.

  2. Thinking of you as you progress in your cycle!


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