Day 11

Well yesterday sucked. I mean really sucked.

Kathy's funeral was overflowing with people, in fact it was standing room only. Of course I expected this, she was a remarkable person and deserved to have such a large amount of people come to honour her. Due to the amount of people in the room the emotion over powering. It was impossible to not feel the pain and loss each and everyone of us were experiencing. It was heartbreaking to watch and listen as students said good bye to someone they cared so deeply for. Her daughters spoke with grace and maturity and when they walked by me as pallbearers for their mothers casket it did me in. This loss has left me numb, I know it will ease but for now a real smile is hard to come by.

I had to leave the funeral immediately for my Salin-Sono and pap. Joy (sarcasm), I have had this test done before but because I am proceeding with IVF I had to do it again to ensure everything was clear. So I lay their in my funeral blouse and had my body poked and prodded. Everything is fine. I can go forward with IVF. I am happy about this, I really am. I just can't smile yet.

-Hating the Sono-


  1. I love that picture! I am, however, deeply saddened by your loss of your coworker and friend. What a lousy day. I sincerely hope that your IVF proceeds without delays, and that soon you have a wonderful reason to smile.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am really sorry for the loss of your friend. I, too, lost a good friend and colleague recently. It's the toughest good-bye we all have to make.

    As for your salin-sono, I am glad you got the all clear. I'll be checking on your progress, and also wish you the very best in this ivf journey. It really hasn't been that bad. I guess I shouldn't talk until I am in the tww because I just may change my tune. In any case, enjoy the entire process as much as you can. :)

  3. So sorry about the loss of your friend.

    Glad to hear your sono went well. Love the pic!

  4. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. She sounds amazing...it's so hard to lose someone suddenly. Hugs to you...

  5. I'm so sorry you are coping with a loss. It's terribly hard at any time but especially now, I'm sure. You're in my thoughts.

    PS we are cycle sisters : )


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