Today I am sad. Just sad. It sucks.

I still don't have my period and it feels like my body is playing a really bad joke on me. Also my eyebrows which have always been dark brown are turning a blond, ginger colour. Weird, is it the meds...I don`t know....

I have just heard Beyonce is expecting.....I am happy for her but today was not the day I wanted to hear that a beautiful, rich, talented celebrity was expecting. Nonetheless I wish her the best.

tomorrow will be better day,



  1. I usually have lots of sex to bring on the stubborn periods. worth a try :)

  2. Have you asked your RE for Provera to help bring on AF? I had to have that before my ivf cycle because I had the same problem.
    I read that about Beyonce, too. It does seem like most celebrities are blessed in everything, though I'm sure there are plenty who struggle with infertility, too. They just lie about getting help.


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