I figured out why I was so exhausted. FOOD POISONING!!! the worst I have ever had. I was not able to sleep at all last night and was really hot...This morning I woke up to go to work and realized my body was rebelling. I went to go the bathroom got so dizzy I fainted smacked my head on my counter and some how injured my shoulder. I some how made it to the toilet...I don't really remeber very well. I have not subsequently spent the next two hours feeling like I was dying. I am not feeling a bit better but still horrible if that can actually make sense.

I feel gross and awful and I am NOT HAPPY



I am exhausted. I do not know what is wrong with me...whether it is weather, work or if I am in just need of a day off but OH MY GOD!! I am tired!!!!

This weekend is a busy one..I am getting my puppy which I am so excited about! It is my father in laws 65th birthday and we are going out for dinner and then back to our house to open gifts.

The most difficult thing this weekend will be a baby shower. One of my former students is almost 8 months pregnant, she is 17 and an amazing girl. I adored working with her and can wait to hug her to pieces when I see her. BUT it is a baby shower, I have not been to one of these in a long time. I think I am up for it, I think I can handle it but the idea of being around a teenage girl who is not really prepared to have a baby while I have been struggling for years is not at the top of my to do list.

At least when I come home from the shower I can hug and squeeze my new furbaby. That is something....


Calling all dog lovers

Hi everyone...anyone who is a dog lover or has dogs please follow my new puppy blog. It will be full of stories about Paddy and lots of other stories and tidbits of info!



fur babies

Well the time has arrived we are welcoming a new fur baby to our family! It has been almost four months since we lost our little baby cat Pudding. It has been a long road, we have grieved and have tried to heal and are moving forward.
Next Friday we welcome Paddy to our family. Paddy is a black mini Goldendoodle, he will be 8 weeks old when we welcome him into our home. We are so excited, this is our first puppy! We have been getting our house ready for Puppy. We have a bed, crate, toys and treats. But as we know you can never be ready for a new puppy so we are ready for an adventure. Any of you dog owners out there send me your suggestions, ideas and tips for a new puppy. Below are some pictures of when we went to visit our Paddy.