day 4-IVF

Three days ago I started Pruegon, I am now doing two shots a day. My Suprefact in the morning and Pruegon in the evening. I feel like a giant pin cushion but all in all it is not that bad. The Pruegon is not terrible, it hurts like a bitch when I first give it to myself but beside that the side effects so far are pretty minimal...I am a bit bitchy but hubby can handle that :)

Today I went for ultrasound and blood work and the nurse is pleased with how things are coming along, I already have two eggs so that is good. She actually gave the day off tomorrow so I don't have to go back until Wednesday which is great because tomorrow is the first day of school!!!!!

I love the first day of school, even though I am now a staff it is such a fun feeling going back. Wearing a new back to school outfit, seeing people you have not seen for months. It is fun. I love to see how the teenagers have changed, what is new in their lives. They bring me a lot of joy and I swear keep my young.

The one thing I do need to comment on with all of these meds is that my hair is still changing colour. Seriously my eye brows are still going blond and now my hair is changing!! What the what!!!!!

So here is a picture of my eye brow, hard to see I know but it use to be brown! I swear!


  1. Very weird side effeect! The things we go through...

    Happy to hear things are progressing nicely :)

  2. Happy 1st day of school!!! Glad to hear everything is looking good. But bizarre about the brows...


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