IVF-13 dpt

Ok, so I am a bad educator. I am sitting here in class and all I can think about is my test tomorrow. I really do enjoy my students but right now their issues and dilemmas seem trivial and I could care less about them.

I am so nervous, so worried. You see I have NEVER had a positive test result blood work or at home test...EVER. In five years of trying NEVER!!!!  So I have this underlying fear that my body cannot get pregnant.

Please oh please let this happen for me. Let this be it for us. Please.


  1. Please oh please let this be it for you! I was also afraid my body couldn't get pregnant, but it surprised me after IVF #2!!!

  2. crossing everything for you!!! can't wait to hear about your POSITIVE result tomorrow!!!

  3. I'm so, so hopeful for you!! And I can relate... I've currently assigned one of my classes "busywork" because I can't think straight enough to teach!

  4. saying an extra prayer for you tonight. I can't wait for a good news post tomorrow. Think positive thoughts!

  5. sending out good thoughts to you and eggbert!


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