Day 11 - IVF

What a difference a few days make. Over the past couple of days my body has been working hard. In fact it has been working so hard that I now have 8 follies and we are going ahead with IVF!!!! I just finished my trigger shot which means my retrieval will be Wednesday morning.

I cannot believe that we are finally here. After all of the back and forth my body has pulled through. Thank you so much to everyone who sent out positive vibes and prayers it is truly appreciated.

So tonight I feel good, exhausted and a little overwhelmed but good.

Below are a few pictures of the past few days.


-Ok, a terrible picture of me, but this is me with fingers crossed for lots of follies going into the ultrasound-

 -This is Hubby holding up our Clinic's form for retrieval, he is excited-
-This is me with our last bag of meds, it was really sunny-


  1. YES! Way to go body! I'm excited that your follies pulled through and developed. Fingers crossed for an uneventful retrieval for you!

  2. Good luck with the retrieval!!!! I hope your 8 follies give you 8 (or more?) good eggs!!! Are you doing PIO after the retrieval, or is your RE giving you progesterone suppositories instead?

  3. I'm smiling sooo big for you right now! Go follies go! Such a great change in news from a few days ago! Can't wait to hear how the retrieval goes! Hopefully pain free and successful!

  4. That is fantastic news! keeping my fingers crossed for you and your future embryos.

  5. Amazing news!! Good luck tomorrow morning. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

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  7. You two look so adorable. I am praying with all I have that the first time is a charm for you both. Lots of luck and good vibes! X

  8. Woohoo - 8 follicles and going forward with retrieval! So happy for you!!! Thinking of you and your eggies.


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