Day 14-IVF

Not feeling so hot today.

Fert report was not great. Two eggs were immature and not able to fertilize. Two other eggs had not fertilized yet and they were unsure as to whether or not these were also not mature enough...However one did fertilize. So hooray!!!! I am so worried about this little egg. I am praying it multiplys and stays healthy.

I am worried about my report tomorrow morning, what if it is bad news? I am not sure how I will handle it. I will have to work all day. However I remain optimistic that eggbert is strong and will pull through and will be back with me nestling in very soon.

I do have a question for anyone who has done IVF. How did you feel the day after retrieval? I feel like crap, super bloated and sore and no energy...just wondering if it is normal.



  1. Go, Eggbert, Go! Fingers crossed that you get great news tomorrow!

    And I am currently four days after retrieval and I still feel like poop. I did during my last retrieval too. So I don't know, maybe some of us just aren't able to bounce back as quickly?

  2. My first attempt I was fine day after retrieval, but now I am two days out and still feel like crap : (

    Thinking of your embryo!

  3. Sending lots of positive vibes and love to eggbert. Thinking of you, and hope you get a happy update soon...

  4. Rooting for Eggbert! I went to work the days between retrieval and transfer, but I was incredibly bloated. It was hard to find clothes to wear, and I was super tired. It sucks, but I think what you are feeling is unfortunately normal. Hang in there!


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