Day 9-IVF

My frustration is reaching its peak.

The menopur is doing it job, I know have 10 follies in total. That is up from just two in a few days. However as wonderful as that seems there is a catch. A few of my follies are way ahead of all the others. What does this mean? you may ask well it means I am in limbo.

If more than five follies can all be roughly the same good size as of tomorrow then we will go ahead with IVF if that does not happen we convert to an IUI. Since I have done four unsuccessful IUI's before that it does not give me a lot of hope for this cycle.

The good news I can gather from this is that the menopur works and so if we need to do another cycle then we are ahead of the game....

However that does not change my frustration at this point. I have taken a hell of a lot of medicine and spent a hell of a lot of money to do an IUI!! I feel bad for hubby because he really is just on the sidelines for all of this and I cannot imagine how hard that would be. I don't want to cry about this, I don't want to give in to that emotion..but my damn estrogen levels are making is pretty difficult. I just want to make it through to tomorrow and get a final verdict on what will be happening. Then I can digest it and move forward.



  1. Hoping for the best for you. XX

  2. Thinking of you - hope those follies cooperate!!!


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