Day 15 - IVF

Fert report showed eggbert doing well, he is growing. In fact there is a bit of a concern that he is growing to fast, he was at 8 cells this morning which is a bit big. Of course this has me worried...what does that mean?? Is there a higher risk of him not sticking?? If he does stick is there a higher risk something chormonsonally will be wrong? I don't know.

With Eggbert continuing to grow transfer is tomorrow morning at 10:00am and then a few days of bed rest. I am so nervous for so many reasons right now I am having trouble focusing at work and just want tomorrow to come so we can move forward. I feel bad for my students...to be honest I just don't care that much today. I am so wrapped up in my own head that focusing on them is next to impossible.

From a physical aspect I am doing ok, I am bloated but not as bloated so that is good. I have been taking my progesterone but am getting a bit worried....in the past vaginal progesterone has caused yeast infections for me and I think I feel one coming on. I have put a call into the IVF nurse to see what options I have. Hopefully I hear from her fairly soon.

Thats it for now, more as it comes.



  1. So excited for your transfer! I'm sending good positive thoughts to little Eggbert! Thinking of you...

  2. Great news!! Eggbert sounds like a strong little one. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning!

  3. You just can't catch a break. I am with you on not focusing - I'm worthless at work today. I'm crossing my fingers that Eggbert is the one for you : )

  4. I wish you the best of transfers! I also had a 3-day transfer but with two 8-celled embryos-and both stuck, so I am going pray that your one precious eggbert also sticks. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you guys.


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