When life gets in the way

I have been doing some thinking...actually a lot of thinking. I have just recently shared my thoughts with hubby and now it is time to share them here.
We are taking a break, yup not just a single cycle break but a period of time break. The reasons for this are multiple. Actually there are two.
1. My weight, I think it will be very helpful to get my weight down for baby making and for my health and mental health.
2. Money, yup the big M word. All of you who undergo fertility treatment understand the stress that money plays in infertility. We are trying to get things in order and part of that is paying down debt. I would like to be able to bring my baby into a family where money is NOT a stress. Plus trying to pay down debt and doing fertility treatments at the same time are not very compatible. SO....that is where we are.
I feel pretty good about this choice, we will continue to try naturally. Good news on that front is that I am ovulating and Hubby is good so there is no 'real' reason it couldn't happen. I will do accupuncture to help me out, which is much cheaper. Yoga for relaxation and keep my fingers crossed. All the while we will be paying off our debt aggressivly as possible.
So there we go. The blog will continue, maybe not all about fertility but this is certainly a part of my adventure so it will still be a part of me.
March break is here so YAY!!!! I am looking forward to it!!!!!



  1. it sounds like you and your hubby are doing what's best for you and building your family. Enjoy the break, know ii can be so good mentally and emotionally to take time off. Will be keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. It sounds like you are really at peace with this and that is great! I totally understand the money stress...it sucks. It is just so unfair! We are supposed to be saving money to raise our kids but instead we are forking over money to try to make babies! Nuts. Hubby and I are just about to pay for our first treatment ever. Our injectible medications have all so far been covered by insurance but we are doing iui this month so that is going to cost us about $750. our clinic charges $375 per iui and they do 2 on consecutive days. Do you mind me asking what you paid for iui? I know you are in the GTA too so I'm kind of interested in "shopping around" and comparing rates so I don't get ripped off!
    Enjoy this break...and you know what they say...its when you stop trying that it "just happens!" Hopefully its that easy!

  3. Keep positive got your message from across the globe hope it works out for you guys it would be lovely to receive some good news.
    Jim and the kids say hello.......sometimes everything happens for a reason.....if its to be its to be......try to relax and not stress....youve all the time in the world......

    good luck..jim jo and the kids...


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