As the beat goes on.....

I am sitting here in my house on the day of our one year evaluation, I can't believe it has been a year since we moved into this home. This is our second home we have owned and it is a 'real adult' house, as I call it, becuase it is detached...yup no wall neighbours for us. Virgil our warrenty person seems to be doing a very good job of fixing things up and is very nice. The only problem is that it is beautiful outside and I have to be inside.
I am doing well. Desperatly trying to get myself in a mind set where I can stay active and healthy. 10 pounds, right now I would be happy to lose 10 pounds. I could lose more but 10 is good. I am doing yoga daily, minimal yoga but my body is happy, it loves yoga. Today has actually given me some time to do some research. For a very long time I have wanted to be a yoga teacher...I love it, it calms and energizes me all at the same time. I tried the Sheridan College yoga program but it was a lot of evening committment that on top of a job it was very hard to balance. The Burlington Yoga centre offers training on weekends only, it is an Iyngar based approach. I will do this. I will take this course and be a yoga teacher. I am going to start back at my local yoga studio in April and will do extra classes and courses at the Burlington yoga centre as well. This will give me a variety of teaching styles and allow me to get to know the people at the centre before I enroll in their program. I am very excited about the prospect of this.
Hmmmm it seems to be Virgil is almost done! That means I can get outside.
Later skater.

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  1. wow that is very exciting! I am sure you will be a fantastic yoga teacher, it sounds like you have a real passion for it. Good luck on this exciting new endeavor!


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