Saturday Night

It is a Saturday night and I am home with my Hubby. Pepper my classroom rabbit lives with us now. I take him to school  with me most days in his little pet escort. The teenagers adore him he snuggles with them and gives them lots to smile about. I love this little rabbit, since the loss of my Pudding cat he has help to fill a void and I am forever grateful for this little soul in my life.

It is only one week until the holidays and I am looking forward to the two weeks off. Time with family and home with my hubby. He is so important to me and I cannot explain how much our time together means to me. I am grateful for him and his love that he has chosen to give to me.

I love you John.

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  1. What a sweet post. I love that you have a classroom rabbit that you take in most days - how wonderful!


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