My Fears

I have many fears..some are fertility related some are just life related. I figure to expunge myself of them I will write them down..So get ready..a list of my fears in no particular order

  • I will not get pregnant
  • I will not get pregnant and never be able to comes to terms with it
  • I will not get pregnant and I will be one of those women is always sad and resents other women's happiness
  • I will never have enough in savings
  • I won't fulfill my dreams
  • those last 15 pounds will haunt me forever
  • I will dye alone
  • I will live a life of unimportance. I will go unnoticed.
  • I will not climb the mountains I want to climb...literally
  • I will hold my husband back from things he wants to do
  • I won't provide my family with the grandchild they so want
  • that I will live my life in fear
So there you go...I realize some of these things are silly fears but most of them are valid and very real to me.

With this list down I will continue to face the world with a brave face and smile.


  1. These aren't silly, and it's important to address those fears of yours. Thank you for sharing with us, and keep being brave. I think you're braver than you give yourself credit for!

  2. thanks for sharing...I think you have done the best thing that you could have done for yourself with regards to you fears - figuring out what your fears are and finding support via blogging. I have never been ashamed of my issues, especially our struggle to get pregnant and stay pregnant - I think it's vital to connect with others who are coping with the same issues. Don't be so hard on yourself - these are definitely NOT silly fears.

  3. umm hello, you can't die alone. We are going to totally Golden Girls it up!


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