Fertility and medication

Well this is my first ever blog....I am not a writer by any means but I have always enjoyed journalling and thought why not try this modern day form of a journal.

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years....we have tried natural means (accupuncture, tinctures, herbal pills, royal jelly and so on) we have tried 'taking a break' from trying...we were told once we stopped trying it would happen for us. It didn't. Now four years later we have started fertility treatments.

I am now a client of Isis Fertility Treatment centre, it is wonderful by the way. This is my first cycle with them and I have started on all the appropriate medicaitons. Day 3-7 I was on clomid, then I did my HCG shot. I was then told to go home and 'get busy' with the hubby for 3 days...when I went back I found out I had ovualted 2-3 eggs and am now on progesterone. We will not wait and see. it is very strange to have so many people involved in your fertility but for some reason it does not bother me..infact it makes me feel good knowoing I have all those people in my corner wanting to help us.

I hope to use this blog to help me get stuff on my chest and to perhaps share with other people who are going through similar things.......

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