Ok, so I am having to take these progesterone pills...well actually they are suppositories, vaginal ones I know, I know to much info...anyways they are really quite gross....I actually dread having to use them and I have to use them 3 times a day!
For those of you who don't know progesterone is used to build up the uterine lining so that if by chance a sperm and egg do meet they will be able to snuggle into the lining. I am on this because my luteal phase is to short, that is the phase after ovulation and with the progesterone I have a better chance of keeping the baby....however it is really gross to do!
But I am not going to let that deter me.....I have already had countless number of internal ultrasounds and this is just another thing.

With this being my first round I am very hopeful, all the doctors and nurses are very positive, it makes me think, why not the first time around. I know that IF it is not this time.....it is going to be hard. It is going to really suck actually. When I am at Isis I can tell the women who have been through this over and over again.....they seem very tired and sad.....my fear is that I will one day be one of those women. It is my goal to remain positive! In fact this could be it right now I could have little cells nestling in me right now! Fingers crossed, wish me luck :D

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