As I sit here in bed waiting for my progesterone to work through my body so I can actually get up and walk around I have a confession to make.....I have secretly been going to the Babies'R'us website and putting things on a wish list! Yes I know very extreme in fact I am pretty embarrassed by the whole thing but for that short time when I am looking at things like Bumbo seats or strollers I feel good and hopeful. I rationalize it that someday I will need these things and by then I will have done my research so why not! Now I know this is not actually that surprising and unusual, in fact I know women who are trying and get pregnant and have gone out a bought tons of baby clothes....I won't do that, that I draw a line at. But for them it does the same as for me looking at the websites...it makes us feel good, whole, hopeful.

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  1. i am keeping my fingers and toes crossed! I could always yell at your uterus again :)


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