New Year!

Well it is 2010! Happy New Year to you all! This year of course like everyone else I have dreams, hopes and goals for myself....Some of the more important ones are these
1.Get pregnant
2.Have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy being pregnant
3. Have a healthy and wonderful child
Now I am sure these first three are not a surprise..here are a few more
4.Have more dinner parties....I actually really like doing them
5. Paint rooms in my house, I hate how everything is the same colour.
6.Watch my talented brother in law get a great job in education!
7.Practice good etiquette

As for today I plan on starting my New Year by cleaning up a bit around the house and just enjoying the day with John. I was out at my cousins house last night to ring in the New Year and had a great time, got home a little late so I plan on just enjoying a lazy day.

As for the adventure things are going...I am in a waiting phase...just keep taking progesterone and see....although I am having the craziest dreams! So real and very strange.....Amazing what hormones can do to a body :D

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