Yup, am feeling crummy today....I have these infrequent pains that are sort of like cramps and could be cramps but of course they could be cramps from possible pregnancy or possible period...With that I am feeling really low energy and weepy. Yuck.
I am going to try and focus on the positive and not the crumminess. My 'little' cat Pudding is wonderful he just sits with me and expects nothing...John is great too but he can get a little confused by my moods but hey so can I! Tonight I am going grocery shopping and plan to eat well this week....we are also going to watch Lord of the Rings Two Towers I can be sacred and have a good cry all at the same time. I enjoy that.
Oh I also lost my camera...I think it is at my cousins house...I hope it is there if not all my holiday pictures are going :( John to me not to worry, but hey, worrying is one of the things I do best ;)

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