Dr. says.......

Well I had my meeting with my fertility doctor today. All my tests came back positive. Hubby's test came back positive.....this is good news.
We discussed how things were going with all the various medications. I mentioned that the clomid/sereophene was causing lack of fluid. He said with that being an issue than IUI is the best option. It gives the little guys an opportunity to get right ino the tubes with no detours.
I was much calmer about the suggestion of IUI this time, in fact he was so calm and matter of fact that it made it seem like not a huge deal. So with that, if things don't go POSITIVE this cycle (fingers crossed that they do) than we will do up to two cycles of IUI. If....(please, please..no) things don't work out, than we will go back and meet with the Dr. to see what the next steps are.
It is funny once you get use to the fact that having a baby the easy, carefree way is not going to happen, you really get use to all of this stuff. In fact it seems fairly natural to me, having other people involved in the process does not bother me. I actually feel really supported, sort of like I know there are always people there to answer my questions and support me and hubby.
I also did my ultrasound today and yes I HAVE ovulated so now the two week wait begins. My goal is to remain calm and to remain me.

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  1. Hello from LFCA! Best of luck on your next IUI!


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