Cycle two comes in with a BANG!

So today is my first day of cycle two, really that means the first day of my period. Now I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I often get BAD cramps but my goodness! This morning was BAD! No spotting, no lead up just BANG! Needless to say with the pain and the medication I did not go to work today.
With the next cycle beginning I have book the appropriate appt. and I am mentally preparing my self for the next 31 days. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


  1. Rest today and as you said 'Let the games begin!'
    Heres hoping you will be pregnant by the time the olympics start :)

  2. Yay! Day 1! Announce to the world! lol I had the worst cramps I've ever had on my third cycle of chlomid. That's nice you got to stay home today. Good luck this month!


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