"F" That

So I have been doing some research, as one tends to do when they are in the world of infertility...The reason for this research is that I have noticed that I have gained a few pounds since starting this fertility treatment thing. From all my blog and message board reading it seems that I am not alone. Now the reasons for this weight gain is numerous. First is the medication, yes I can blame the medication for a little bit...the bloating and what not. Plus the hormones being pumped into me can cause crazy chocolate cravings. The second is the stress...I eat when I am stressed that is a fact and this is stressful. So, what do I have to say to this weight gain and the possibility of more weight gain...."F" that!
I refuse to look like a a doughy version of me. I have never been skinny...but I am currently healthy..could lose a little more weight but my doctors are happy and so am I. So to stop this crisis and yes for me..someone who has struggled their whole life with weight it is a ciris. I have gotten my butt back into gear and back to the gym. To go to the gym I need to feel good so I am going to invest in some new workout clothes. I don't want my fertility treatments to change who I am or what my goals are....


  1. I too have always worried about my weight. I gained a bunch of weight on fertility drugs. But I wasn't working out. So good for you. Here from LFCA. Welcome. Check out my non profit blog and website. parenthoodforme.org

  2. I definitely gained weight while doing fertility treatments. It sucks.


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