I suck at waiting, I am very patient when it comes to people but for things happening directly to me.....I am no good at waiting.
I am in the two week waiting period, waiting to see if every little twinge or cramp that comes along means period or pregnancy...waiting to see if we will be disappointed or excited. I am on day 28, a day my period often comes...but I also can go as long as day 32...so I wait.
I have made a promise to myself that I will no longer use Dr. Google to look up pregnancy symptoms and signs...because Dr. Google will always make you think you are pregnant and that is just unhealthy. On Monday, day 31, I go for a blood test...that will determine whether or not our dreams have come true this cycle...so really I just have to get through the weekend trying not to obsess like crazy, good thing John is good at distracting me :D
I am very grateful to have Johnboy in my life...he is my rock and my best Friend. He will hold me when I need it and can make me laugh like no other. He will make a wonderful father.
So I am off to wait, think good thoughts for me!

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