do you ever wonder

Remember when you were little people would ask you. What do you want to be when you grow up. I never knew the answer to that, it would change almost every time someone asked me.
Why do we stop asking that. Why do stop asking adults what they want to be? Is it because when we have found a career it is assumed or expected that it will be our path for life. Do we feel that a belief  in trying something different is juvenile, irresponsible and for dreamers. I don't know that answer to this but I do know that I keep dreaming.
 I have so many things I want to do still. Things I would love to be. I want to learn to be a yoga teacher and a trail guide (hiking guide) I want to get my wilderness first aid. I would love to be  a writer. A real writer which to me is a paid job. I want to travel and climb a mountain. I believe I can do all these things and more. But here is the thing the really big thing that people may smirk at...I want to do and learn to do all these things while being a mother. Difficult. yes. Impossible NEVER!
Dream well my friends.


  1. It's so funny you should post this - I was just thinking about that very question today! I, too, always changed my answer when I was little, and I never really evolved from that. My interests are everywhere! It's only now that I'm narrowing my focus and going to school with a purpose (while trying to become a mother, too!). That said, I don't think we should ever be satisfied in one place - we should always indulge our (constructive) interests and always learn. Dream well, yourself. :o)

  2. I am definitely still trying to figure out what I want to do. It's funny because many of the things that you listed are also passions of mine that I intend to do when I am a mother. Some people will call that naive, I prefer to look at it as ambitious!

  3. I like this. I feel very lucky to have found a career that I really like, that I can see myself doing for a long time. But I do need to expand my horizons a bit - get more hobbies, or something. I've been so focused on trying to become a mother, that everything else seems so unimportant...


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