little gray monster

There is a little gray monster that lives in me. He usually stays behind closed doors and does not come out and play but when life gets to difficult he cannot be contained.
He is responsible for pulling the sides of my mouth down so they feel like they are in a permanent frown, he is the one who tells me I am ugly when I look in the mirror. This little monster is the one who makes me feel like an empty shell.
In the past I have ingorned this little man and let myself fall deeper and deeper into his games and had a very difficult time getting back. But now I am older and wiser and recognize when he is coming around and refuse to fall back into old habits of permanent sadness. So I up my medication and I go and talk to someone. I try and be grateful for what I have and hope and pray that the little gray monster will go back into his hidey hole and not come out and play again.


  1. I love that you can recognize that little gray monster, especially when he's coming. You have to address him, and I like that you're now doing this. Hugs to you sweetie!!!

  2. We all have monsters, but it all their lives really depend on how much we allow them to impact our well being and judgments. I think it's great that you know when you need to seek help from someone else. Stand your ground with your ugly monster!


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