winning the war

The battle lines are set and I am winning. I am taking control and not getting pulled into that little monsters game. Recent strategies have been.....a day light that I bought at Costco, it is small and sits on my desk and I LOVE IT!! This is such an amazing little invention. For anyone who suffers from Seasonal depression get one, they make all the difference. The second thing I did was cut my hair. short. and dyed it dark.  It was such a release to cut it..honestly I could have shaved it all off at the time it was so freeing. here is a pic. don't 'mind the bathrobe.
So I am moving and fighting. I am going away for the weekend with my friends shopping and I have my first counselling apt. so. look on monster I am on a roll.


  1. Look at that adorable haircut! I'm so impressed with you!!!

  2. Gorgeous!!!! Nicely done!! You're taking positive steps and moving forward. GOOD. FOR. YOU. :o)


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