Oh Anxiety...
For whatever reason things are not great, well not really horrible but I am having a rough go of things with my anxiety.
I went to a really interesting seminar this afternoon regarding mood disorders, ADHD and alike. Since I personally have been dealt a hand of anxiety, ADD and a learning disability it was professionally and personally interesting. So with the information fresh in my head and knowing how I have been struggling I went out and got myself a workbook. A cognitive behavioural work book for anxiety. One of my old therapists use to use pages from the same book so I know I am on the right track.
Since I am basically three months away from the start of my first IVF procedure I am going to work hard to get myself emotionally on track just as much as I am working to get myself physically one track.
I know there is no magic formula and I know these mental health issues are things I will always be working on but I feel better knowing I am taking some control.


  1. yep, don't tell me, the Anxiety and Phobia workbook. It is a good book. If it's not that one, check it out, it's so good I got two copies of it just in case

  2. I have that one too. I finally got involved in counseling a while back to do something about the anxiety. That did help quite a bit, but I still ended up (VERY reluctantly) agreeing to try a very low-dose medication for it. That did the trick for me! I felt like I got my life back. :) I hope you're successful at bringing yours back in line!

  3. I'm so very impressed that you're doing this before youre IVF. I think it's a great idea to get your body and mind in optimum form before IVF!

  4. I have been using medication for years on a low dose...this is one of my strategies to not have to increase my meds :)


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