To much?

So I am sitting here in my bathtub with my iPhone, strange I don't know do other people do this????
My therapist and I have been talking about being true to me letting go of what I think other peoples desires or expectations if me and be true to myself. Harder said than done....my role with family, friends and work has always been the caregiver the listner the person to take the burden from others. It was pointed out to me that this can a bit of an arrogance thinking I need to take the pain from someone else because they are not equipped to handle it, this us true. Until it was said to me I would not have believed it but now I see it is true. so with this new information one of the things I am focusing on. Is my athentic self who am I when I am not looking after others, what are my needs and wNts. Let me tell u not an easy thing to do after 33 years.... So here I sit in the bathtub thinking about this while testing and surfing Facebook.....perhaps it is time to put technology aside for a bit and really ficus on me..

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  1. I have definitely hung out in the bathtub with my iphone!!! Love it! Very interesting about being arrogant that you have to take the pain from someone else - interesting perspective. No matter what, I think it is a GREAT idea to focus on yourself for a bit - and really take care of you!


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