its a new year

2011 has arrived and with it is talk of resolutions and goals and dreams for each of us.

This year I have decided to not do resolutions and stick with attainable goals.

I plan on continuing down the path of good health and complete the goals I set out for me. This is important since I often start something and then do not follow through to the end.

Over the next year there are many things I want to do.

Things around the home - paint rooms, buy blinds, get a fence, buy a couch to name a few

Things for the family - get a dog, get pregnant, be happy

Things for me - get outside, exercise, go to osteopathy and naturopath apt., eat well, look after myself and be true to who I am and what I want.

A lot of these things cost money and so one of my greatest goals is to be smart with money.
 To not go beyond my means so that our saving will continue to grow.

 We were doing pretty well having most of our debt paid down and a percent of money in savings. Unfortunately when we lost our pudding we lost our money as well because we did everything we could to save him and make his quality of life as good as possible. This has been the toughest blow for me, I lost my cat, my darling fur baby and lost my house and IVF money. I am starting to move forward from this loss. But it sucks.

So yes being smart with my money is a number one goal.

I hope everyone had a good new years I spent mine at home with hubby not feeling well. But it was such a nice night with just us and pepper the rabbit I did not care that I was sick.



  1. Hope all you dreams come true this year. Much love from, "TannerTraditions"!!

  2. I like the ideas of goals, not resolutions. I hope you achieve all your goals this year!!! And Happy New Year!


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