it has been a while...

Hello all...yes it has been a while. Life has been moving along as usual. Week days run together and I am trying to get the most out of my weekends. Currently I am not happy in my job. It is not the kids or the teacher I work with it is administration. For those of you who work in education know that you can't really mess with administration so as of now I am stuck, trying to make the best of things.

Hubby and I have finally gotten away on our trip to Montreal. At this moment I am sitting on the train, which I LOVE!!!, writing this. We had a whirl wind weekend of museums, galleries, shopping and fabulous food. It was so wonderful to have time for just us. No worries, no concerns, just us. My parents looked after our puppy and the bunny stayed at the house, checked in by hubby's brother. This allowed us to not worry about our fur babies which was great! My mom and I chatted on Skype and it totally confused the dog, poor thing, he could hear his Mommy but couldn't see her.

On the fertility front we are still looking at a second round of IVF in the spring. It is tough as a few people I know are pregnant. I don't really know how to politely say..I don't fucking want to hear about your pregnancy, it should have been me. See, no easy way. So smiling and nodding is what I do at the moment.

I am doing fairly well though. I am going to take an in class writing course in the spring I think I will enjoy that more than an online class. I am also taking my pottery workshop soon. Should be good. I am mending my soul and really that is all I can ask of myself at the time.

all for now...


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  1. Hi - glad to hear you are doing well. Your post triggered a thought I had a while ago but never commented on. I seem to remember that at some point you mentioned you have Celiac disease?? Please forgive me if I am way off base here, I just have this memory of reading that somewhere in your blog. If that is the case, have you ever looked into that as perhaps being a reason for your infertility? I read one amazing story about a woman who had done 7 IVFs until she discovered that her Celiac disease may be the reason for her issues. She went gluten free and did some other treatments and then on her 8th IVF she had success.

    Again, forgive me if 1) I am totally off base here or 2) if you are already well aware of these issues. Reading your pose I was just reminded that I never said anything and wanted to share in case it was useful.

    Best of luck with everything - that pottery class sounds fun!


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