There is a great guy I know (GG) , I teach with him. Him and his wife have experienced two miscarriages. They have been going through their third pregnancy, hoping and praying. I have been the only person GG has told about the pregnancy. Today they found out that the heart has stopped beating. She will require a D&C. They are shattered. I am at such a loss. I am so angry and sad about this. GG and his wife are wonderful, caring people. People who should be able to have children to raise and love. To watch them experiencee this heartbreak is horrible.

So here is the question I pose. What do I do? what can I do to help him get through this. I work with this man everyday. I just want to be able to lift his pain from him. What would you do to let him know that you care about him and his loss? What would you say?

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  1. This is such a hard one cause really nothing that you say can ease his pain, but what you can do is let him know as a friend you are there, and will continue to listen and just try to be a positive side for him right now. I assume he knows of your own journey so hoepfully he can find a little comfort in knowing that you truly care cause you truly understand.


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