Well 2011 has been an interesting year. I have experienced a great amount of joy and sorrow.

Fertility treatments continued with our first round of ivf. Sadly this resulted In a negative. We have since decided to take a break and are coming to terms with the fact that life without children will be ok, we will be ok. That being said we are hoping to try a second round of ivf in 2012 once we a figured out our finances.

We got our puppy paddy this year and I cannot imagine life without him he has brought us joy beyond what I have dreamed of and has opened up our social circle immensely with all of the other dog parents. Thanks paddy :)

2011 has brought a lot of guilt with it. I am trying desperately to let go of this guilt. It is from recent and long time past. Hubby thinks it is silly for me to carry it around with me and I agree. So if I feel I can't move forward on my own a therapist is in order. I will not carry this on for the next year.

As for 2012 I hope it brings peace and happiness, the blessing of being a parent. I hope throughout this year I follow my heart and instincts and continue to grow into a better person.

Happy new year everyone, many blessings for you all.


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  1. The best thing I ever did for my infertile self was to get a therapist. Good luck in the New Year, a year is long enough to have a baby at the other end. lots of hugs


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