weight gain - boo

Well it is official I have gained nine pounds. NINE!!!!!!! A combination of IVF medications and emotional eating have lead me here.

So, what to do. Well weight watchers has always worked for me. So I have joined up again and I am planning on getting my butt in gear. I feel good about this because right now my body feels like crap. I hate feeling like crap and believe I am worth feeling better about myself.

Wish me luck :)



  1. Good luck! I'm sure once you start feeling better the weight will fall off. :) But if not, I'm sure you'll be motivated to get it off (weight has never, ever 'just fallen off' for me).

  2. Oh..I hear ya! My last 4 months of IVF have left me with an extra 8 lbs...eek!

  3. Good idea - I need to shed a few pounds myself. Look good, feel good they say...

  4. Good luck! I bet you'll get that 9 lbs off and more : )

  5. Good for you for joining WW! I'm sure you'll lose the weight very soon... Good luck!


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