Thank you to everyone who has supported me through these past few days. They have been pretty bad and to be honest I am still not great yet, but I am mending.

I have so many things going through my mind it is crazy, it can be wrapped up into a few words though. Fear, Guilt, Grief.

Hubby has been fabulous helping me work through the emotions. Lets just say a lot of tears have been shed on his shoulder.

We have made a decision that we are going to wait for awhile until we reevaluate our next move. Dr.E agrees that IVF with a short protocol will be best. So when the time comes we at least know what plan we can follow.

So for now I am looking forward to my thanksgiving weekend and planning our trip to Montreal!!!



  1. Thinking of you. It's so hard and there are no words to make it better. But every day does get a little easier. And it's ok to have bad days. Once a week at least, I hit that wall where I get so angry and upset, wondering why my IVF failed. We will get through this! thinking of you :)

  2. There's no easy way to deal with this outcome. I think only time can heal. I've been thinking of you...

    Hopefully you will be surrounded by family and friends over this Thanksgiving weekend. xo


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