moving along

Fall has finally arrived here in Ontario and I am happy. It is my favourite season. I love the changing colours, the crisp breeze, I feel rejuvinated during fall like anything is possible.

With this feeling of rejuvination I plan to spend the next six months doing what I want and making no apologies for it. You see I have six months until we try our second IVF, six months until I become pregnant so I plan to live it up!!!!!

I have found some great deals on wag jag and deal find so I am now starting Zumba with my mom and then I am going to be going to pilates as well. I am going to take a pottery workshop and I am going to enjoy some culture with shows, symphonies and trips downtown.

Today my friends I am happy, I am blessed and I am grateful.

(p.s spell check is not working, my apologies)



  1. Good for you! I have a post coming up that is so similar. We need a break too. Enjoy living life!!

  2. I love your attitude! So proud of you for taking this time for yourself!!!

  3. Yay! I love your positive thinking!

  4. Enjoy your time off I say. I don't start my first cycle till January (possibly February) and I am going to try to have fun until then.


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