The fog has lifted

I am feeling much more myself. I feel as if that horrible dark fog that was our negative result has lifted and I am once again finding joy, peace and purpose in my life.

 It is so strange while I was going through IVF I did not realize how much of my life was being eaten up by the process. Small things like getting my hair done, remembering to floss, enjoying an evening with hubby and puppy were lost. Now they are found and I am so happy.

I feel like I can refocus on my job and my life outside of infertility and enjoy. One of the first things on my list is to get back to exercising. I cannot do a lot right now as I have torn cartilage in my right knee and am on a surgery list but I can walk and can lift weights and am going to zumba my butt off.

Hubby and I are planning a trip to Montreal in the next few weeks. It is a chance to get away...just be us. So if any of you have suggestions of things to see or a must do in Montreal let me know.

all for now,



  1. You should check out Juliette et Chocolat while in Montreal - it's a cafe and has wonderful food (and chocolate)!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better! Have fun at Zumba, I love Zumba : )

  3. My fog recently lifted too. I know what you mean. I was was starting to give up on a lot of things/goals that I used to be so focused on. Hubs and I are also taking a little getaway - in two weeks!


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