Well that is two things..one of my Dad's favourite lines from Braveheart and how I feel today. I am officially on vacation. I have two months off and plan on enjoying them by relaxing, living life and getting pregnant.
Went in for my day 10 ultrasound today and things look good...4 follies, three look like they will be keepers. Had my HCG shot today, tomorrow and Friday are IUI days.
When I was waiting to get my HCG shot there were two women ahead of me..both were prepping for IVF...I began to wonder if they had tried IUI previous and how many times did they try, I also wondered how they were affording IVF...I have begun to think about IVF...at what point do we stop trying IUI and move forward...how would we even afford it...
Like most of you Hubby and I have had the what if conversation...what if IUI doesn't work do we move forward with IVF, do we adopt...do we remain childless??? I have done a lot of flip flopping on adoption, I am fairly sure that I do not want to adopt....I just don't think it is the right choice for me for multiple reasons...so then IVF??? If we are not going to spend the money on adoption then perhaps IVF makes the most sense. Then the big WHAT IF that doesn't work..will we remain childless..maybe.
All of that aside..I am thinking we may never have to actually work through these choices because I believe IUI will work for us. We are healthy, I ovulate well, Hubby  is spermtastic so there is nothing to stand in our way but time...and my time is coming soon.
To all my educator friends out there...HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!

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